General documents requiring notarization include, but are not limited to, the following:

Affidavit of Support
General POA (Power of Attorney
Affidavit of un-authorized use
Application for passport/Declaration by parents for child's passport
Application for birth certificate
Vital Records authorization form
Application for Certification
Authorization for Foreign Travel with minor
Authorization for temporary guardianship of minor
Bill of Sale for Motor Vehicle
Lien Affidavit
Property Damage Release
Spouse's consent to waiver of qualified Annuity Benefit
Application for the grant / renewal of PIO (Person of Indian Origin) card
Traffic School Final Exam Registration form
Letter of Authorization for Bank account
Copy Certifications for Passport
School Transcripts
Domestic Partnership Agreement
Deed of Trust
Name / Signature Affidavit
Sales / Rental Agreements
Financial Contract
Affidavit for change of name from maiden to married
Affidavit of Birth
Joint Sworn Affidavit of Marriage
Affidavit of household members and more..